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Taika Waititi Is Making Two Animated Willy Wonka Event Series For Netflix

(THR) "The first series will be based on the world and characters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, while the second is described as a wholly original take on the Oompa-Loompas, the small song-loving humans who worked in Willy Wonka's infamous factory.

According to Netflix, the shows will retain the quintessential spirit and tone of the original story "while building out the world and characters far beyond the pages of the Dahl book for the very first time."

I'm a huge, HUGE Taika Waititi guy. He really hasn't ever missed as a director or a writer in his entire career, which is inane. 'What We Do In The Shadows' is one of the best comedies in the last decade, both 'Boy' and 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople' were incredible, 'Thor Ragnarok' is a top 5 Marvel movie, and 'Jojo Rabbit' is fresh off a bunch of academy awards noms and a win for best adapted screenplay. He also directed episodes of 'The Mandalorian', as well as doing the voice for IG-11. 

He's a hilarious screenwriter, and he's proven that he is great at adapting others work as well as making fantastic original ideas. If there is anyone that could take the fantastical ideas in Willy Wonka and make it work for a modern audience, I think it's him. I loved the original movie growing up, especially as a huge Gene Wilder fan (RIP). I didn't really enjoy the 2005 version, which is inexplicably loved by critics. There is a lot of wiggle room for the imagination since the series will be animated, so hopefully he can make it work. Are the people clamoring for more Willy Wonka content? I don't know, but we're going to find out. By the way, if you ever want a great read than take a look at the wiki summary for the original book's sequel, 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator'. Charlie and Mr. Wonka go to space and fight aliens with the president. Yes, really.