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Woman Sues Chuck E. Cheese, Claiming Her Hair Was Stuck in a Ticket Machine for 20 Minutes

Source - A woman is suing Chuck E. Cheese, claiming that her hair got caught for 20 minutes in a ticket-counting machine at one of the pizza and entertainment chain's locations in Oregon.

The incident happened on Dec. 8 at a Chuck E. Cheese at 9120 SE Powell Blvd. in Portland. ... according to the lawsuit filed by Ashreana Scott against Texas-based CEC Entertainment.

Scott's hair was caught in a machine that counts ticket that are redeemed for prizes.

The ordeal lasted for 20 minutes "until defendant’s employee was finally able to get it out, causing plaintiff injuries including pain, discomfort, distress, and headaches," according to the complaint filed on Monday by Scott's lawyer, Michael Fuller.

"Defendant failed to use reasonable care in the design and layout of its ticket counting machine to ensure that guests like plaintiff would not get their hair caught in the machine," Fuller added.

We don't know exactly what happened here, but I have no reason to doubt the veracity Ashreana Scott's story. And if it is true, I don't want to minimize the pain of having your hair caught in a ticket counting machine. I mean, that had to be a looonnnggg 20 minutes I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy and I hope she's well. Here's to a speedy and full recovery. Thoughts and prayers. 

With that as preamble, if you walk into any kid's arcade pizza place chain restaurant, shouldn't you be prepared for the worst? Nothing against Chuck E. Cheese in particular, I'm talking about all such places, from coast-to-coast. By their very nature, any adult setting foot in such a place has to steel their courage. At their very best, it's a descent into madness. At worst, it's a journey into the 9th circle of hell. 

Picture it. A dark space of sensory overload full of noise, bells and blinking lights. Populated by a race of small, overly stimulated, high fructose corn syrup-fueled adrenaline man cubs, hellbent on destruction. Bashing in the brains of plastic moles with padded clubs. Slamming bubble hockey controllers. Crashing video race cars. Engaging in cyber street fight ultra-violence. Conducting a revolution of Dance-Dance. All in the pursuit of spending 1000 of mom's quarters to get 50,000 tickets and redeeming them for a 25 cent pencil with a novelty eraser. Then loading up on carbs and processed sugar-loaded cake, followed by this nightmare fuel:

Believe me, I had my son's 12th birthday at a similar, but non-Chuck E's place. And after watching him and a dozen of his friends run amok in there, I drove home with a nervous eye tic that took years to go away. And don't even get me started on what those kid-friendly joints are like during school vacation week. It's "Lord of the Flies" with an air hockey table.

Under the circumstances, I'd welcome 20 minutes with my hair caught in a ticket machine, just for the relative peace and quiet. So good luck with the lawsuit and all. But if it that happened during my kid's party, I'd have been counting my blessings.