Mrs. Brady Made $128K Per Day This Year


Forbes - This may be a year to forget for Neymar and his teammates, but it is certainly a year to be celebrated by Bundchen, the only Brazilian on FORBES’ 2014 Celebrity 100 list. This was the 14th consecutive year that Bundchen appeared on our ranking, making her one of its most regular staples. The last twelve months, however, can be described as the best in Bundchen’s two-decade career. According to FORBES estimates, the Brazilian supermodel pocketed $47 million (or $128,000 per day), thanks to lucrative contracts with the likes of H&M , Chanel , Carolina Herrera and Louis Vuitton.

Since FORBES began tracking Bundchen’s numbers in 2001, her estimated total earnings over the period totaled $386 million. If corrected by US inflation based on the buying power of the dollar over time, that sum goes to some $427 million. To put it into perspective, that is almost twice as much as Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo’s estimated net worth — FORBES editor Kurt Badenhausen, estimated in 2011that Ronaldo, one of the richest footballers of all time, made between $200-$250 million from salary and endorsements during his career.

Tom Brady is such a gangsta I can’t even stand it. Like yeah I don’t think Gisele is the hottest supermodel of all time. I think Candice Swanepoel could drive a monster truck over her body, reverse, and then peel out on her face, but god damn is she rich. I mean 128K a day! That ain’t hardick, pop up lights out party money we’re talking about. That’s some serious dough. Almost makes Tom Brady look poor by comparison. Just something so Alpha male about marrying the richest supermodel in the World. I mean can you imagine Peyton Manning even trying to talk to Gisele? Probably would puke all over his shoes nevermind father the biggest dicked kid this side of the Mississippi.