Some Fattie San Jose Shark Fans Threatening To Boycott Because of Ice Girl Uniforms

SI.comThe San Jose Sharks are bringing in a new team of men and women to help clean the ice at SAP Center next season, a practice common in the NHL. But the uniforms that the “ice girls” will be wearing have drawn ire among some Sharks fans upset over what they see as objectification of women. The anti-ice girls sentiment has officially become a movement, complete with a Facebook page titled “Say NO to Sharks Ice Girls” that had 1,131 likes as of late Tuesday morning. Some season ticket holders have even said they’re not planning on renewing their season tickets over the uniforms.

Holy shit. Is this even real life? Like honestly what the fuck are we even talking about here? If anything Shark fans should be protesting the fact that these uniforms look like they were designed for Muslim women. I mean they barely show anything. It’s one step short of making them wear a burka. And how about having ice guys? What is that all about? The only guys who should be wearing skates and shark jerseys should be the players. Bottomline is I don’t care how fat and gross you are I just find it bizzare that anybody would protest these uniforms. There must be something about San Jose I don’t know. Is it Mormon or something? Poor Logan Couture. Kid deserves better than this.

PS – An absolute pet peeve of mine is when media outlets quote facebook pages or petitions that have like 800 signatures and make it seem like it’s a movement. How many signatures do you think a page that said “We Want Slutty Ice Girls” would have? A billion? It’s just the silent majority stays silent and wackball ugly chicks make a ton of noise just breathing.