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Respect The Hell Out Of This Kansas Kid Writing His Midterm Paper Sitting In The Student Section During A KU Hoops Game

I have nothing but respect for this fella here. Personally? I'd say blow off the midterm and just focus on the game. BUT, people write shit all the time with the TV on or music playing. What's so different here? You pay attention, start writing during breaks and halftime. Shit, he got 5 pages done, probably had time to go hit up the bars after and enjoy his night after a Kansas win. 

Also a genius for being smart enough to write this on google docs

Imagine if you wasted all that energy to bring your laptop to a game and lost all that shit. You just gotta quit the class at that point. Really this just shows you only get this at certain schools. Kansas, Kentucky, Duke hoops. Alabama, LSU, Clemson football. You don't just miss games for silly things like homework. Memories > grades anyways.