Tom Hanks Is Being Hunted By Nazi Submarines In The First Trailer For 'Greyhound'

This looks uhhhhh just ok? I think making these large scale world war movies is kind of hard because of the over-reliance on CGI they require (I'm looking at you, 'Midway'). Hopefully this focuses more on the actual characters, like the plot summary suggests. It's supposed to be about how Hank's character, Ernest Krause, is not confident and is scared of his command. There is the room for this to be good compared to some of the recent disasters. Randomly, I remember my mom once telling me that Tom Hanks is just obsessed with WW2 era stuff. At the time, I sorta brushed it off. I'm starting to realize how true that really is, though. Besides the obvious 'Saving Private Ryan', he was also in 'Every Time We Say Goodbye', 'Ithaca', 'A League of Their Own'. He also was an executive producer on 'Band of Brothers', 'The Pacific', and the upcoming 'Masters of the Air'. Nothing wrong with that, especially since basically all of those properties are great. You go, Hanks!