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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man That Was Arrested For Allegedly Making Terroristic Threats In Public?

Newsweek- A Missouri man has been arrested on suspicion of making terrorist threats while wearing full Joker costume and makeup during a Facebook Live video. Jeremy Garnier, 51, was arrested in Delmar by the University City Police Department on March 2 while broadcasting the livestream to thousands of people.

During the hour-long footage, which is still available on Garnier's Facebook page as of press time, the suspect describes how he plans on raising awareness about the "epidemic of opiate addiction and heroin overdoses" in the country while staging a performance dressed as Heath Ledger's interpretation of the comic book villain from the 2008 movie The Dark Knight.

In the clip, Garnier is seen entering the Saint Louis Galleria Mall in the Joker costume and makeup before being asked to leave by security because his face is covered. "The reason I have your attention is to end the epidemic of opiate addiction and heroin overdoses which are plaguing our society. It's the leading killer of people under 50 years of age," he says. "When you share this video let them know that The Joker ain't joking around when it comes to serious addiction. You need to leave that stuff alone, inspire the children not to do it, you know what I mean?

"And kill a few people," he added, while still in character as The Joker. Garnier then orders a Sprite at the bar, telling the bartender: "I can't be inebriated when I'm planning on killing people."

Why so serious, Missouri? You've never seen a guy paint his face as a murderous clown in order to spread awareness of an epidemic killing people across the country by casually mentioning he may kill some people himself? Name a better way to get the American public's attention in 2020 than by dressing up as a comic book character whose movie just cleared a billion dollars in the box office and whose 2008 adaption is still legendary in pop culture. You can't.

I mean you aren't able to cook an awareness omelette without threatening to crack a few eggs, right?  Some people say that The Joker is an agent of chaos but from my perspective, Jeremy Garnier is an agent of order in a world full of chaos. Perhaps we can get some roid raged lunatic to throw the Bane mask on then blow up a sold out football stadium as a way to let people know just how deadly the spread of coronavirus may be, have someone else throw on Charlie Kelly's green man suit, spray paint a few question marks, and the real life Riddler can teach about the dangers of Fake News, or have Drew Carey dress up as Catwoman at the end of every Price Is Right to remind people to spay/neuter their pets.

In all seriousness though, anybody dressed as a clown in public, regardless of if it is The Joker, a scary clown, or just an everyday regular clown, should be sent directly to jail. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.