Bron Bron Going Back To Cleveland Confirms Everything I’ve Said About Him Since The Decision

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First thing first. I have a question for Cleveland. What would you do if one day you walked into your house and found your wife, your high school sweetheart, the only girl you’ve ever loved, sleeping with some Eurotrash dude in your bed and not even giving a fuck that you walked in on her. Just being like let me just take this last load off the face and oh by the way I’m moving to Miami because this guy has a bigger dick and owns a nightclub. Then you watch her become a famous model and fuck everybody in South Beach and get violated in every hole possible. After 5 years she gets sick of the scene and comes back home acting like nothing ever happened. Would you be okay with that? Would you take her back? Because that’s EXACTLY what Lebron going back to Cleveland is like. No amount of pussy or in this case world championships is worth that humiliation. None. I don’t care how miserable your life is Cleveland have a tiny bit of self respect for me one time.

Ok now that I got that out of the way let me just say this. I’ve never been more right about anything in the history of my life (except maybe that Solange beat up Jay Z because of Rihanna) than this fraud Bron Bron and this deal proves it. I told everybody who would listen that he was going back to Cleveland. I told Big Cat. I told Mark Cuban. I told the world. How did I know? Simple. Because I have real estate in his brain and I know that despite what he says publicly Lebron cares what everybody thinks about him. He cares what people write about him. He cares that his hometown despises him. He cares they were burning his shirts in the streets when he left town. He craves the spotlight but only when it’s positive. That’s why this was a no brainer. He’s not going back to Cleveland because he truly feels bad about what he did or cares about the city. It’s all him being the lead story on Sportscenter. It’s all about what he thinks the headlines will read.   He’s going back so people will now call him the Savior instead of the traitor. So we can watch endless “Lebron Saves Cleveland” stories. So we can see the sappy “I’m Coming Home” montages. That’s why he’s going back to Cleveland.

The bottomline is this decision was the ONLY way he could try to salvage his reputation. It’s the only way he can truly call a city home. It’s his attempt at trying to create the legacy Jordan has in Chicago or Bird in Boston or Magic in LA. He wants to be a figure that transcends sports in a city. That was never going to happen in Miami or anywhere else for that matter.  It’s all about his ego. Anybody who says anything different is lying. That’s why I knew it was coming. Unfortunately for him it’s too late. He can’t undo the damage. He’s a mercenary now. A vagrant. The only thing I hope and pray for is that the good people of Cleveland don’t let themselves get used and abused by this fraud. He’s already ripped your city apart and made you a laughing stock. He already took a city that was at rock bottom and crushed their souls. Don’t give him the satisfaction of redeeming himself. You have Johnny Football. You don’t need Lebron. The sex won’t be worth it.

Cue My 27 times Lebron was the Antichrist.  You can make it 28 now with this decision