There's No Chance Boston Gets The 2024 Olympics Because Fall River Decided We Want It

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Kind of feel bad for the city of Boston right now. Everyone so excited to get the Olympics in 2024 (jk, by “everyone” I mean “LITERALLY no one”) and then Fall River had to come in with it’s big swinging dick to show them up. I mean that’s what this says, right? I figured it would be Mayor Flanagan offering to help Boston get it but as best I can tell he’s literally saying Fall River wants it. Not even sure why we’d need Romney’s help to draft up this proposal, pretty much speaks for itself. Where should the Olympics basketball be played: TD Garden or Skippy Karam Gym? Duh, Skip’s. How about all the other sports? Boston has numerous facilities and plans to build more, Fall River has land. But land on the waterfront (that’s like, really good land, FYI). Nightlife? Fall River has St. James Pub AND we recently got a Jerry Remy’s Bar and Grill. It’s seriously a no-brainer. Sorry, Boston, but if you wanted the Olympics so badly then you should’ve had a few pro athletes born here.




h/t Joe