Here's The Most Outrageous Yellow Jacket Nest You're Ever Going To See



I hope to God I never run into something like this in my life. Not because I’d be scared, though I would be, I’d be terrified. But because I’d end up hitting it. That whole time I was watching that video in my head I was just thinking Grab a rock and throw it at the hive. Do it. Do it! Don’t be a pussy dude just do it and run. Just out of morbid curiosity I’d need to know just how dangerous it was. It’s like when your waitress brings out dinner and says, “Don’t touch the plate, it’s hot.” You know you’re touching that plate. Same exact thing here except when a plate is hot you say “Oh shit! She’s right” to the rest of the table and when you throw a rock at a gargantuan yellow jackets nest you die a horrible, painful death. Six in one, half dozen in the other, really. Right, Nic?