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A Bunch Of Knicks Fans Were Escorted Out Of Madison Square Garden After Chanting "Sell The Team" During Last Night's Game

Yesterday was a day that ended in Y, so that means a bunch of Knicks fans got thrown out of Madison Square Garden for chanting hate speech curse words "Sell The Team". As far as I can tell, none of the fans were beloved ex-players or celebrities synonymous with the Knicks, so I guess that's a win for all of us sick of being completely embarrassed by the franchise.

Adam Silver can keep sticking his ostrich neck in the sand as a goddamn civil war breaks out at MSG during every home game between the fans and Dolan's security guards who probably hate that they have to kick people out for asking their shitty boss to make billions of dollars in exchange for no longer being the most loathed man in New York. But I just want to say thanks to these Knicks fans that kept the "Sell The Team" torch burning bright for yet another day instead of quietly watching another loss in yet another lost season. Lets keep this Sell The Team thing going for the next two games of the homestand along with the rest of the season because you know Dolan hates it and if we have any luck, at some point that angry little man will ban all Knicks fans from The Garden for life, which will lead him to sell the team because nobody in the entire Tri-State Area was allowed to enter his building. Would that make James Dolan the hero because he will be the person that finally saves Knicks fans from themselves? I guess. But to be honest, I don't care what needs to happen to get that asshole outta here because this shit is driving the entire city nuts.

Fuck that ewok and fuck this franchise.