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Per Abella Danger, Has Ultra Music Festival Now Been CANCELLED Due To Coronavirus Fears?

(Miami Herald) The 2020 Ultra Music Festival will be postponed — possibly for a full year, which would effectively cancel this year’s edition of Miami’s marquee electronic dance music event, the Miami Herald has learned.

The decision to postpone was made in a meeting Wednesday morning between Miami’s elected leaders and Ultra representatives, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter. Before the meeting, Mayor Francis Suarez and Commissioner Joe Carollo told reporters they wanted to postpone the event due to concerns over the spread of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19.

WOW just like that another one bites the dust! Earlier today the new James Bond movie got delayed until November, Baby Yoda toys became an endangered species, and now Ultra Music Festival has become the next social domino to fall. 

Credit to dear friend of the program Abella Danger for breaking this unfortunate news on Twitter earlier tonight while adding yet another skill to her budding portfolio. With scoops like this she may already be a better beat writer than me? I certainly can't match this kind of range with my content... 

Sorry about doing you dirty on that ending there but I had to show the whole spectrum of her work which DOES include doing ASMR with Mush & Tommy Smokes those goddamn bastards

Certainly a bummer we won't see any upside-down dancing from Abella at Ultra and at this point who knows where the coronavirus craze will take us next. 1 thing I do know, is the greatest vaccine of all began development inside a BIG brain today... 

Might as well uncancel that music festival and get 007 slated back in for this spring, because COVID-19 is FUCKED.

But until our Fearless Leader fixes this mess, probably best to stay inside and wait out the storm. There is plenty to catch up on with the new #1 beat writer on the block after all...