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LOCKED IN: Bryce Harper With Not One, But Dos Moonshots Today

A nice little 9-7 victory over the Pirates today.  And for Bryce, dos dingers to the moon.  Above we see a little smashies to right for his first.  Below, even more encouraging, a slightly oppo shot to left center field for the second: 

JT Realmuto with 3 hits and a yam today, too.  Aaron Nola with 2 runs over 4 innings, but can't win 'em all.  But back to #3 - In a casual conversation with Paul Lo Duca this week, he said to sprinkle a little bit on Bryce for MVP.  He said that Joe Girardi is the PERFECT manager for Harper where he'll allow the RF to just do his thing.  There's could be some dangerous statistics coming out of South Philly this season.  Take that for what it's worth because, honestly, what does Lo Duca know?  He's only a 4x all-star who was in the show for a cup of coffee totaling a decade.  

Opening Day can't come soon enough.  Cue up Harry and ring that damn bell.