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Augusta National Just Released A Statement About Whether Or Not The Coronavirus Will Affect The Masters

What the hell is happening??? Holy shit this Coronavirus stuff just got super serious. To be honest I've gone back and forth in terms of how worried I should actually be about the Coronavirus but with this right here, AUGUSTA NATIONAL releasing a statement about whether or not the Masters will be affected, Coronavirus officially has my attention. Just imagine the mass hysteria that would result in the Masters being cancelled. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a golf fan, I'm saying that because cancelling the most famous golf tournament in the world would be a sign of how fucked we are. You don't cancel the Masters for something that isn't actually super duper serious.

Now obviously that statement doesn't say the Masters is gonna get cancelled because of the Coronavirus (it pretty much says the exact opposite) but the fact that the folks at Augusta National are even looking into is wild. Smart, but wild. I'm stunned they  released a statement about it. You gotta remember that Augusta National doesn't give a single fuck about anybody or anything. They are far and away the most stubborn governing body on the face of the Earth. They are notorious for refusing to budge on issues that the rest of the world budged on a long time ago. So for them to even admit that the Coronavirus might interfere with their beloved Masters should have everyone VERY worried. I'm super worried now in case you can't tell.

The one silver lining if the Masters does get cancelled because of the Coronavirus? Tiger Woods remains the reigning champ for another year. I'm not saying that's a reason to root for the Masters to get cancelled, I'm just saying that would be true if it were to happen. Something to think about, and potentially ease your mind, as we stand on the edge of the Earth's population getting wiped out by a virus.