Hey Know What Would Be A Fun Prank/Way To Die? Go Into A Black Neighborhood And Call Everyone "My Neighbor" But Say It Quick So They Think You Said Something Else




This pageviews and views shit is getting so out of hand that we’re about 2 months from people just straight up saying “Yo if I kill myself on camera do you promise you’ll watch it?” That’s what it’s going to come to. I mean “I’m going to walk through the hood and make people think I’m calling them n*ggas” is a thought that this guy had and his follow up thought was “Great idea, bet so many people would watch that” and not “Oh shit I’d get killed.” That’s a problem. I’ll look around my apartment when I know it’s empty because dropping an N word while singing a rap song so you’re outside of your mind if you think I’d do it in public. But I guess I’m just one of the few people left in the world who recognize my life is worth more than a million views. Not much more valuable at all, but a little bit.