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The Real Victims Of The Coronavirus: Study Abroad Trips (Vacation) Are Being Cancelled Left And Right

Bad news, folks. Baddddddd news. As folks across the world are dying of the Coronavirus, let's not forget about the true victims of what's going on: study abroad trips being canceled. 

Studying abroad is supposed to be a life-changing, illuminating experience. But for hundreds of U.S. students, the situation has turned into a nightmare as the new coronavirus spreads around the world.

Universities across the country have discontinued study abroad programs in countries including China, Italy, South Korea, such as the University of Maryland, Arizona State University, Elon University and schools across Wisconsin.

All joking aside, this does stink for anyone who is studying abroad. I have a family member that I recently visited that is studying aboard. It's looking more and more like their great experience is going to be cut short. 

There are two reactions to having your study abroad trip vacation cut short. Example one:

"To be two weeks from the experience of a lifetime and have it canceled was one of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life, as studying abroad was the one thing I knew for sure I wanted to do in college," she told USA TODAY.

Example two:

I'm not sure which one is dumber. I'm going to go with the girl who thinks staying in a foreign country during a global pandemic. 

On Feb. 25 students gathered outside at Syracuse University's campus in Florence, Italy, thinking university officials would host a Q&A about the coronavirus situation. Instead, they were told to leave the country.

Many started crying, called their parents and panicked,

I feel bad for the kids who were scared. I don't want anybody to be traumatized. But that entire situation is funny. You just stroll into a basic Q&A and what are you told? Get the fuck out of the country as fast as possible. Hillarious way to let all your students know that pay tens of thousands of dollars to go on a vacation for a few months to "find themselves."

I do want it known that I do feel bad for the Becky's and Kyle's of the worlds who had countless Instagram's planned out across Europe. Back to the suburbs.