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I Would Do Awful Things To This Beef

Highest beef I've ever scored on twitter and definitely not my first Johnnies. But there's something special about this one that I want to share with the internet. If that bothers you I am sorry. I am committed to my verticals and that means beef and beers and bowling and softball and being your run of the mill midwest/chicago heyhowydoin guy. Sue me while I salivate over this masterpiece 

Perfect dip. A+ drip. Heavy giard that's appropriately distributed. Perfect beef to bread ratio. Unreal absorption that's well balanced throughout the depth of the bun. Smaller size allows you to control each bite while opening the door for either a 2nd beef or dog heavy thru the garden. It's a remarkable sandwich that's fully deserving of any and all public recognition, including this blog. 

Shoutout Johnnies in Elmwood Park. It's Eddie's #1 and remains undefeated across the internet. Although to be clear, there's a difference between Your Favorite and The Best. I'm smart enough to know Johnnie's is the best, but Al's Original on Taylor is my favorite. I can't get over that gravy. My god someone slather me in that sauce. I've been a bad boy.