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Jurgen Klopp Had A Phenomenal Response To Being Asked His Thoughts On The Coronavirus

I'd guess most of our audience aren't soccer guys, so let me mansplain for a second. Jurgen Klopp is the manager (coach) of Liverpool, a team that went 400+ days without losing a competition in the Premier League. His team has practically had the Premier League locked up since December, which rarely happens. Currently, Liverpool is up 22 points with 11 games to go. Some believe they are the best Premier League team of all time. 

The Coronavirus has taken over the soccer world. Serie A (Italy) cancelled games last weekend and are playing games behind closed doors. Under a week ago, there were reports of the Premier League considering cancelling the rest of the season if the Coronavirus continues to evolve:

At the end of the day, though, what does Jurgen Klopp know about the Coronavirus? Nothing. 

Not more to say outside of: yup. Klopp dropped knowledge on us while explaining that he has no knowledge on an issue. It's kind of wild when we see coaches of other sports (cough cough NBA cough cough) talk on real issues outside of sports like their knowledge of basketball/football/soccer/baseball is transferable. That goes for every major award show as well.  

All that being said, I'd take whatever Klopp says on the Coronavirus as fact. Nobody wears glasses like that and doesn't know what they are talking about.