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Arod Dropped Some Humble Pie On The Yankees vs. Red Sox Broadcast Yesterday While Also Calling Out The Astros Bullshit

Wanted to opine on this real quick.  Arod, as many of us know, went from being baseball's ultimate villain as a player to pretty widely revered as a broadcaster in his post playing days, and his little speech here in yesterday's Bosox vs. Yanks broadcast is exactly why.  Humble pie like you read about.  He nailed it in every single possible way.  

Ya know who didn't nail it?  Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve:

and ESPECIALLY Carlos Correa:

I have no idea if I am using this word correctly right now, but how can you assholes be so obtuse? Just comes off as so goddamn phony and insincere in every single way.  These guys are going to get RAILED the entire summer in every single away stadium they play at.  And ya know what?  Like Arod says, they deserve it.  They got off Scott free for cheating their way to a fucking World Series championship.  In my opinion and the opinion of a lot of pitchers who have spoken out on the issue, that's far worse than taking steroids like Arod did.

But again, Manfred and MLB as a whole deserves a lot of the blame here.  There was a defined punishment in place for Arod, he broke the rules, and paid the price.  The Astros?  Yeah they got immunity.  They fucked up, fucked up badly and won't just bite the bullet and say so, at least not in an unforced way.  

You don't want to be villainized?  Don't want to get asked where your tattoo is every time you're signing an autograph for some snot nosed 10 year old who doesn't know the shit you pulled?

Fess the fuck up.  God I hate these assholes.  Oh and I can't wait to see how these guys handle the pressure this year.  I mean they're getting boos rained down on them in goddamn spring training games while their rosters are filled with AAAA non-roster spring training invites.  It's hilarious, hilarious and deserved.  Fuck the Astros.

Shoutout to Arod for telling it like it is 

PS - the thumbnail picture is awful, every image on Getty was of him and JLo and this was the best one I could find on Google via fair use.  Had to get that off my chest