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Meet The Incredibly Fascinating, Possibly High Couple Behind The HOT New Vegas Raiders Anthem

There you have it, folks.. The hot new Raiders Anthem that's taking the internet by storm and that I have watched/listened to no less than 1,000 times. 

The creators? Jedi Rich & Jedi Joy Lightowler - A husband & wife production team that you can trust during all this #MeToo stuff. 

According to the 'About Us' page on their website, JediRich.com

Jedi Joy Lightowler is a singer, model, health and nutrition educator, filmmaker, photographer, artist and a U.S. Air Force combat vet.

Jedi Rich Lightowler is a very talented, well experienced photographer, videographer, model, filmmaker, musician, field biologist and artist.

Jedi Rich goes out of his way to capture homeless people, Uber drivers, street rappers or whatever the Universe brings to him. He will record anything to bring life back into photography again. With all the generics and fake marketing out there, it’s refreshing to see something authentic for a change.

With all the "Me Too" liability risks  in the modeling & entertainment industry, limit you liabilities by hiring JediRich.com Studios in Las Vegas.  We are not tempted by sexual misconduct or any scandalous malfeasance that would tarnish your corporate image. In short, we are "above it all". 

Let's hope he lets those homeless people go at some point, ha ha

To further explain his vibe, Jedi Rich goes on to share a portion of a letter he once sent:

We believe that being open allows others to join in the discussion.  Here is an open letter Jedi Rich wrote to his friend in England, Edem.

….that was bigger than 9/11 for me.

In 2003, I learned a trade. I learned to bartend. Best job I ever had. Cash basis. What you make that day is what you need. Loved it. Eventually, I worked my way up. In 2004, Ianded a gig at The Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado. I had never heard of it. That’s because the rooms start at $5,000 per night. Some of my clients were Ivanka and Ivana Trump, Robert Wagner, Robert DiNero, Al Greenspan, OJ Simpson, Carrot Top and all the people who pay their salaries. I met the CEOs of cellular companies, GNC, UFC and more. If only I had something to sell them. Now, there’s a gorilla marketing idea.

In 2008, my father became with cancer. My sister became full fledged schizophrenic, wandering the streets. So I took over the family business - a True Value Hardware Store located in West Linn, Oregon.

There I was running a hardware store in a small town called West Linn. But I moved sales online and I tripled revenue with 5 years. Willamette General Store went from $1.1M to $3.3 million in annual sales. The industry was stunned.

When my father died, I sold the store including all of their assets and real estate. With all the hype and big sales at the Hardware Store, I managed to sell the business to a husband and wife tech couple from San Jose who wanted to capitalize on the next “cute little neighborhood”. I gave the money to my mom & sister, moved to Panama and married my soon to be wife, Jedi Joy Kirkpatrick.


What a whirlwind! First of all, I want to know what came before the "… that was bigger than 9/11 for me." 

Second, the further down this rabbit hole I go the more I want to fly to Vegas & hang out with these people. Dare I say, even make a music video or some sort. And speaking of, on Monday they released a video about their Raiders Anthem music video which I highly recommend checking out. I thought it would really clear some things up but ah…

..The duo's 'Behind The Scenes: Making Of The New Las Vegas Raiders Anthem' video seems to be more of a plea directed specifically at Ice Cube so he doesn't sue them? Here's a loose transcript as it was the best I could do in a loud Washington D.C. coffee shop as I use cheap airline headphones:


Ice Cube, stradux margarux (???). Listen, I realize, I heard [inaudible] was saying that - yes - that you could sue us. And - you sue us. But what I'm tellin' you right now - you don't have to. 

All this studio, this [inaudible] everything - it is YOURS. This is MY gift to YOU, Ice Cube. This music, this studio, all of our gear. I don't care. It's yours, man. YOU CAN HAVE IT, BECAUSE THANK YOU! FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE! FOR MUSIC! THE RAIDERS! LOS ANGELES! OAKLAND! AND NOW VEGAS!





At this point, a recording of the poem 'The Autumn Wind' by former NFL Films President Steve Sabol starts to play. (It is often blared over speakers at Raiders games.)

The Autumn wind is a pirate, blustering in from sea as a rollicking song sweeps along, swaggering voicelessly. The Autumn wind is a Raider, pillaging just for fun. [LISA ANN billboard randomly appears on screen, hi Lisa Ann!]. He'll knock you round & upside down, [inaudible because a video of Ice Cube comes on & starts to talk over it.]

Then Ice Cube appears, though I doubt he's aware of that even though in the clip he says,

This is your President speaking, and I approve this message. 

I guess that's why they say he could sue them in the beginning but try to nip it in the bud before the cameo he, again, probably does not know about. 

Then to close out the 'behind the scenes' (BTS) tour, it goes to their original theme song music video with the Jedi Joy singing, and then the video abruptly ends before the song is done with zero explanation. 

I could elaborate on this all day, but think Twitter user @Livin4theTroof summed it up best:

Probably some troof to that…

Back to that BTS video Tweet, they tag Ice Cube (huge Raiders fan) & say they're hoping to meet with him on April 25th. Then they kindly welcome Tom & Gisele to Vegas, and at the bottom with zero context proceed to tag Elon Musk (he is building a big underground loop tunnel in Vegas, right?), JLo (why not?), and O'Shea Jackson Jr. (the oldest son of Ice Cube). (In another similar Tweet they also tag Tom Hanks(??)). I pray to all that is holy that whatever their plan is comes to fruition and that I'm around to see it when it does..


If you follow anything I do you'll know that funky, interesting, zero-fucks-given people are the spice of life to me. As someone who largely tries to fit in & go with the crowd (besides talking about the spokes of my asshole on national radio) I greatly admire anyone who lets their freak flag fly. These two are waving theirs all over the place, and it happens to have a big 'ol Raider logo on it. 

Also, very much worth noting - They make Bird-day cakes for the local pigeons so they are probably super nice, too. Right?

So yeah, if you have any time today & are looking for something to do just start clicking around & checking out their work; you'll get lost for hours. Think these artsy Vegas ambassadors are going to become a cult phenomenon on the Raiders new turf. After all, they care alot about Vegas (and the United States of America.)