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What Does Jay Gruden Think of the Comment Section on Websites?

The first Wednesday of March includes a jam-packed Pardon My Take for all AWL's. Jaguars OC Jay Gruden, also the former HC of the Washington Redskins, joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis last week. The trio discussed Gruden's time in our nation's capital, being in a football family, Gruden "lingo," and more. Mr. Cat also picked Gruden's brain on his view of the media, which led to Gruden giving his take on the comment section of websites...

Mr. Cat: Did you watch Hard Knocks?

Jay Gruden: I did watch part of it, yeah. 

Mr. Cat: Did you think your brother was maybe turning it up a little for the cameras?

Jay Gruden: He wouldn't do that. He doesn't play to the cameras... Of course he did. That's the way he is, really. He coaches with a lot of energy, a lot of passion. And a great motivator, so yeah, that's the way he is. 

Mr. Cat: Was it ever awkward when he was in media and he had to call your games?

Jay Gruden: I didn't listen to games. I don't listen to media. 

Mr. Cat: That's a nice way to live, just to be kind of not listen to anything. 

Jay Gruden:  A little crazy. What I have done before, is really bad now, some of the articles, I've scrolled down and read the comments. Woahhhhhhh.

Mr. Cat: You can't do that.

Mr. Commenter: Oh yeah.

Jay Gruden: Who writes those things? I want to meet some of these comment writers. 

Mr. Cat: You can't do that.

Mr. Commenter: Complete assholes. 

Mr. Cat: Comments will kill you.

Mr. Commenter: Have you ever read the Pro Football Talk comment section?

Jay Gruden: Unbelievable.

Mr. Commenter: The worst place on the planet. 

Jay Gruden: Who writes those things?

Mr. Commenter: Probably mass murderers. People who should be locked up and in jail. 

Jay Gruden: Some of them are pretty funny, though. You got to be able to laugh at yourself. 

Mr. Commenter: That's a good point. 

Mr. Cat: It strikes me as guys who are overcompensating for something. Maybe height, or whatever it may be. 

Mr. Commenter: Well, sometimes.

Jay Gruden: You want to be humbled? Read a comment.

Mr. Cat: That's a great quote. Put that on a quote board.

Hmmmmmm. The comment section of a sports website. Who would ever take over that portion of the internet? Definitely not Mr. Cat, he is clear. How about Mr. Comm- ...

... Well, this is awkward. A man with the name "Commenter" might just have something to say about this.  Regardless, it is nice to see that Gruden doesn't always take the comments of a story about him *too* harshly. As he said, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. If what the former Redskins HC said about not reading the comments is 100% true, I guess it's safe to say that he will NOT be reading whatever you post below. Not even your comments, Mr. Commenter.