Jill Biden Is Philly Tough And Don't You Ever Forget That

Jill Biden at the next rally: 

Think Dr. Jilly Bides gives a single frick about your anti-dairy vegan protest? Think again, compadre. She's throwing American, provolone AND whiz on her cheesesteaks just to stick it to your idiotic ass. 

We're from Philly and we fight. That's what this city is all about. Standing up for yourself and not taking any shit from anybody. I'm just surprised Doc Biden didn't instinctually break out into an "E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!" chant immediately after this. What a legend. What a beast. I don't even care who wins the election in November, all I know is that I need Jill Biden to be in charge of security. Or at the very least, let's bring her into the Eagles locker room and teach some of these bums how to block. If they had at least half as much heart as Jill Biden blocking for Ice Cream Joe, then Carson Wentz would never have to worry about even getting touched. Legend.