Tom Izzo Was Pissed Cameras Showed Him And Cassius Winston Fighting In A Huddle - Wants To Kiss And Hug Him Now To See If Cameras Show That

This interaction blew up last night on Twitter considering it happened as Michigan State was in the middle of an absolutely ridiculous run to come back against Penn State. I mean they had just scored here, they were dominating. It didn't make any sense at the time. But according to CBS this was 'planned' in a way. 

This was a step forward. This is craved confrontation; Izzo said as much afterward. Those on the outside might not think it, but Izzo provoking Winston is what Winston wants and what Izzo feels he and his star point guard needs. 

"His dad said, 'Well, push him,'" Izzo told me. "I'm telling you, it's the hardest thing I've ever done."

But, uh, what did Izzo think was going to happen here with the cameras? You're Michigan State. You're a Hall of Fame coach. Cassius WInston is arguably the best player on college hoops. Both of you were freaking out and Winston was being held back by an assistant coach. OF COURSE they are going to show that - even if it was nothing really. Coaches and players, teammates, whatever, fight during games all the time. 99% of the time it's nothing but an in the moment thing. Again, this was DURING a run. That's the only reason people really are talking about it. It was just bizarre timing. 

Here's the other thing, a Michigan State fan (or future holder) shouldn't care here. It was nothing in terms of long term fighting with Izzo/Winston. More importantly it seems like Michigan State is figuring it out and trending back towards a national title contender. Obviously Winston dealt with all his personal battles with his brother's death and is still trying to get over that. That had an impact with on the court stuff. But for Michigan State it's simple. Can Malik Hall/Rocket Watts be consistent enough to show up. It's not a coincidence the two best wins for MSU (at Maryland/Seton Hall) came with Malik Hall showing up. He can be that Kenny Goins type player they miss. For Watts, he's just another scorer that can relieve Winston and let him run off of different sets. 

If Izzo has any comedy in him, the next game he will overact and hug and celebrate with Winston on the first timeout huddle.