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Everyone Knows The Smartest Thing You Can Do Is Get A Shitty Loss Out Of The Way Before The NCAA Tournament

Everyone knows the smartest thing a college hoops team does is get the bad loss out of the way BEFORE the NCAA Tournament. It's called being a step ahead. Have everyone play terrible one night together and move on. Better than sitting around and dicking around for a month. So am I worried? Absolutely not. Immanuel Quickley isn't going to go 5-for-16 often. Ashton Hagans isn't going to play like complete garbage. Nick Richards won't have 5 rebounds fall through his fingers on the same night this all happens. Beat Florida and who gives a shit? A 2 vs 3 seed doesn't matter this year in the NCAA Tournament, it's all based on matchups. Sure you don't want to blow a 17-point lead. That's not ideal. But better to do it now before it matters. Shit, the SEC title is already wrapped up. Is it a bad loss? Sure. Does it matter? Nope, not unless this leads to a shitty loss at Florida and a mess in the SEC Tournament. 

Plus, good for Kentucky to help out Tennessee with their NIT seeding. Thompson-Boling should host a game in the NIT.