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It's honestly amazing how successful Rone and Caleb are with this shit. Between picking the right city to go to for championship celebrations, last year's Storm Chasers and hitting on the first one this year, may have to start thinking about buying them off to decide who wins a game. That's right, Maryland went to Jersey and lost. Not even that, they just got their ass kicked by Rutgers. 

If you're a Rutgers fan, celebrate all night with Rone and Caleb. That win should keep you in the NCAA Tournament without question and despite not winning on the road. But it's just another great win at the RAC, a place you don't just go into and get a win. 


Oh it also meant a whole hell of a lot for the Big 10 considering Maryland is now tied with Michigan State for the Big 10 lead. Also, this is now 3 losses in 4 games for Maryland. It's almost like they played with fire for a month straight by giving up major runs in every game while never getting a consistent third player and now it's catching up with them. 

Either way, congrats to Rutgers. We got a storm.