Anybody Who Is Proud Of This US Soccer Performance Isn't A Real American In My Book



So I’m watching the post game coverage on ESPN and Tom Ley and Alexi Lalas are absolutely gushing about the United States performance today and their overall performance during this World Cup.  Spirit, pride blah, blah, blah.  How everybody should be proud to be Americans and what a great moment this is for US soccer. How this was an instant classic. Umm am I on Mars? Did I watch a different game? Yeah they fought to the end I’ll give em that. Do they want a cookie for that?  I mean it’s the fucking World Cup.  I hope you’d fight to the end.  But you know what else I know for a fact? They got their asses dominated today. They should have lost 200-0 in regulation if it weren’t for Tim Howard. And this is coming off the heels of getting dominated by Germany. So how was this a great world cup? Because we beat Ghana? Big fucking whoop. Like yippie we beat Ghana, tied Portugal and got our assess dominated by Germany and Belgium. If that’s something to be happy about as an American than I’m not an American.