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Fat Lady On Drugs FREAKS Out When She Realizes She's Fat





A-fucking-MEN, sister! Look if you haven’t been in this exact situation sans the drugs then you’re an asshole. I’ve been there, believe that. Get out of the shower one day and realize it’s been 2 years since you took that week off from the gym and it just hits you like a freight train. Standing there pinching your love handles as if you’re giving yourself a body fat test. Staring down to see that where there used to be a whole penis, all you can see now is the tip. Notice you’ve got feet like a pregnant lady. Look in the mirror  like “WHAT IS THAT?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! IS THAT A TIT?! DO I HAVE TITS?!” It sucks, man. Life hits back and one day it will deliver you the haymaker realization that your body is now a disgusting mess.