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Napoli Calling Tanaka An Idiot For Throwing A Fastball Is The Best Vine I've Ever Seen





So I missed this last night. Yes, truth time, I do not watch all 182 Red Sox games. After TBT we went out and had a few chardonnays and I did not see Nap’s blast. But this is awesome. This is why I Napoli is one of the very few vets on my no-trade list for the deadline. Just a cool ass dude who eats fastballs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But aside from him Papi and Pedroia? I’ll part ways with any vet for the right price. Lester, Lackey, Uehara… see ya. People will overpay at the deadline for a slam the door closer or guys who crush in the playoffs. Don’t get me wrong, love all of them. But they’ll all be overpaid for bigtime at the deadline (also the Sox will never give Lester the money he wants. Can’t give Kershaw money to a perennial 15 game winner with an ERA in the mid 3s, no matter how big game he is). Make me an offer and if I like it then see ya later to everyone.