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Report: Bulls Are Targeting Sam Presti

Dave Kaplan has been barking up this tree since it was announced All-Star weekend that GarPax would be out or reassigned at the end of the season. I'm not sure why it's taking off today, but he legit has been on this for a while now and hasn't budged at all. I like Kaplan and he does have some legit sources, but I just don't see or buy this at all.

I believe that the Bulls may want him, but to say that they're prepared to pay him whatever it takes is nearly impossible to believe. I forgot which station I heard it on a few weeks ago (so I apologize for not linking/shouting them out), but Brian Windhorst basically laughed at this saying that he saw the Bulls books from a recent year where they were top 5 in income brought in and then 27th (I believe) in what they spent on front office jobs. Jerry (and just about every franchise in this city aside from the Cubs, and maybe the Hawks) has been notorious for not wanting to pay for coaches/front office members.

Plus, why would he want to be under GarPax's thumb? There's just too many things that don't make sense, but then for Kap to continue banging on this drum for so long maybe this organization has realized that the buffoonery has gone on long enough and it's time to make a big move?

I hope so, but I doubt it.