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USA Vs. Belgium Watch Party July 1st At 3pm At The Harp


(Those are some sexy ass bottles)


Here we go!  No more of this lose and still advance shit.  It’s win or go home time.  It’s America time!   People keep telling me Belgium is good. You wanna know what else I know?  Belgium has been a doormat in every World War in the history of global conflict.  Countries literally just walk back and forth over them to invade each other while Belgium stands on the sidelines and hands out orange peels.   You think that makes me nervous?  Fuck no.  Not to mention the fact my roommate in college was Belgium.    He loved soccer and he sucked.  Also he used to call his parents and speak Belgiumese to them.  It sounded like gibberish.   No chance that language beats America.  See everybody Tuesday!  USA! USA! USA!

WHERE: The Harp

WHEN: July 1st at 3PM