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That's NBA Player Of The Month Jayson Tatum To You!!!

I'll admit, I'm shocked. Legit shocked. When Giannis throws up 27/17/6 and the Bucks go 10-1 I sort of just assumed he would get it. I mean he's won it every month so far this season so why would I think any different? But you know what, miracles do happen and what better birthday present for our beloved 22 year old than giving him this prestigious honor. I put it in his birthday blog but we're going to watch it again. Take a few minutes and watch Tatum's February

7 30 point games, destroyed the Sixers and Clippers, had two dominant performances in close losses to the Lakers and Rockets, and he shot 49/48% from the floor with 4.3 3PM a night. That's big boy #1 option on a title team type efficiency and production folks and he did it all before turning 22. The best part? He's showing no signs of slowing down. It's not like this production was a fluke game here or there, it was every goddamn night. We live in a world where Jayson Tatum is now just a 30 point scorer on the regular. I'll admit, I like this world. Food tastes better, the air seems cleaner, just a wonderful time all around for everyone involved. 

We saw the jump that immediately followed Tatum finally being named an All Star. Now I want to see what happens now that he finally has his first player of the month. How many more levels can he jump? Who knows, but I cannot wait to find out.


This is probably going to trigger so many Bucks fans I think that makes me love it even more. Yeah so what if the Celts sneaky have a problem beating the Bucks in actual basketball games. We just ended Giannis' run and at this point I'll fucking take it.