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Irene Baldwin Is Lesbo With Angel Haze?





Huffpo – For those still debating: No, Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin are not “just friends.”The rapper got candid about her romance with the 18-year-old model daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger during a recent interview with the Independent. Haze and Baldwin first met at New York Fashion Week through Baldwin’s cousin and then became romantically involved, letting the world in on it with intimate social media posts. “An interracial gay couple, I mean that’s just weird for America right now. We f**k and friends don’t f**k. I have never f**ked one of my friends. Once I see you in that way, it doesn’t happen,” Haze said. “But we do f**k and it’s crazy and that’s weird to say because I think about it in terms of an audience reading it and them thinking, ‘What the hell?’ But it happens.”

First things first. I have no idea who Angel Haze is? Does that make me old as fuck or does nobody know who she is? Either way she should hold on for dear life here. Irene Baldwin is gonna be one of the hottest chicks on earth within the next 5 years. Got all the tools and DNA to be an absolute monster.  And don’t worry fellas she’s straight as an arrow. Right now she’s just spreading those beautiful wings and experimenting all over the joint.  You got to set a bird free of the dick juice and let it fly back to you before she realizes how much she needs it.  Frankly I support the fuck out of it.


Cue Alec Baldwin’s reaction