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Our Boy Gary Striewski Gets The Nod For Full Time Sox Reporter ("My Boy" Is Probably A More Accurate Description)

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(NESN)NESN, New England’s most watched sports network, announced Fridaythat Gary Striewski has been named NESN’s primary Red Sox sideline reporter. In this role, Striewski’s game-day duties will include interviewing players and coaches, delivering in-game reports, plus doing live reports and features for NESN’s pre/postgame shows, NESN Live and NESN Sports Today.

LONG LIVE GARY! Look I can’t explain why I’m so pro-Gary. It’s crazy to me too. But the fact of the matter is that I get an absolute kick out of him. Would I rather have a smoke reporter on the sideline? Sure, I guess I would. But guess what, Gary makes me laugh so I’m on board with it. He’s just goofy. Goofy is funny. I co-sign it.
PS – C’mon Jenny, you don’t really mean that.
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