Ranking The Top 10 Hookers From The Pawtucket Prostitution Sting



CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. An operation conducted by members of three law enforcement divisions results in 13 arrests. Police from the Central Falls Police Detective Bureau along with the Pawtucket Police Department Special Squad and the Woonsocket Police Vice Unit executed an undercover “prostitution sting.” The operation started yesterday afternoon in the cities of Pawtucket and Central Falls. Officers from the Woonsocket Vice Unit and the Pawtucket Police Special Squad drove around high traffic areas and posed as potential buyers.

While in these areas, the detectives were approached by various females and offered indecent acts in exchange for money.

The suspects arrested:

1. Chastity  – AKA The Queen Bee



Runs the streets of Pawtucket. Gets all the finest of dick. Cops probably got it in before they arrested her.


2. Chauntelle – AKA – The Bitch


Just seems like a total asshole. Thinks she’s too good for the whore game. No you’re not. If you were too good you wouldn’t be here sucking dick like the rest of us.  Hates Chastity like poison.   Always spreading rumors about her having the HIV and shit.


3. Veanna – AKA – Miss Cry Me A River



Just bores people to death about how she used to be popular. How she used to have a life. How she used to be in the in crowd. Always on the verge of a breakdown. Nobody cares honey. You’re a hooker now like everybody else.


4. Nashan  – The Grinder



Just driving Knish’s truck. Nothing fancy here. Not fucking for the thrill of victory. She owes rent, alimony, child care. She has sex for money. Her kids eat.  It’s that simple.

5. Tina  – AKA Latino Heat


Talks all sorts of ridiculous Spanglish to you why she’s fucking you.  Sneaky tries to date her clients for real.


6. Danielle  –AKA “Backup”


Anytime a hooker gets in a fight and yells “I need backup” that’s when Danielle Morgan comes in. She’s permanent backup.


7. Lisa  and Megan – AKA The Forehead Sisters

hooker10 hooker9


Here comes the Ax, here comes the Smasher, We’re the Forehead Sisters, walking disaster. Pain and destruction are our middle names. Search and destroy you, run and we’ll find you, there’s no place to hide, the Forehead Sisters will get you. Were Demoltion. You better state your act of contrition

8. Daisy  – AKA – Taunto


Smokes a bowl of weird tribal shit. Two seconds later you think you’re banging a straight 10.


9. Mistymae  – AKA Steven Tyler



Everybody knows her move.  She throws on some Dude Looks Like A Lady and just goes ham on that dick.  And as always getting stabbed/murdered  is in play


 10. Dawn  – AKA -Whoops



Anytime anybody has contact with her in any capacity they instantly are like WHOOPS what I gotten myself into.