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Sajak Asks A Contestant How He Got A Woman To Marry Him... Whoops, Never Mind, He's Gay




In Sajak’s defense here, I bet he doesn’t even know what gay is. Just been too busy in his own world, bedding smokes for the last forty years to even get caught up in the hysteria. Kinda reminds me of Creed in The Office when he’s like “Maybe I’ve been with a guy. I made love to many, many women.. often outdoors and in the rain… it’s possible a man slipped in, there’s no way of knowing.” Sajak doesn’t live in a world with “gay” and “straight” labels, there’s just fuckin. Models, groupies, Vanna White, a sneaky dude here and there, whatever. Sajak’s sexual orientation is just “fuckin.”



PS – Horrible gay dude outfit.