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This Dog Who Wants A Belly Rub From A Mini Horse Is the Most Chill Dog Of All Time

This dog couldn’t be more chill if he tried. “Like okay mini horse you want to be best friends? Fine. I’m cool with that. Let me just get comfortable. Let me just roll over here…Ah yes here we go….That’s the stuff.  That’s right.  Just pet my belly. That’s what BFF’s do.  They pet bellys. Everybody knows that.”  This is the beauty of dogs. They don’t give a fuck who they are talking to or who is petting them.  Doesn’t matter if your black, white, boy, girl, horse, mini horse, they’ll turn anything into a belly rub situation in the blink of an eye. Truly the last equal opportunity belly rub recipient on the planet.

PS – If this was a cat he would have rolled over and then when the mini horse got close it would have gouged his eyes out and then used his carcass as his new body.