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Safety First: College Girls Adapt Spring Break Oklahoma Drills To The 21st Century

For all the shit that college kids and millennials in general take day after day — rightfully so, in most cases — why not be fair and even the scales a little bit? Why not give them some props and build them up when they do good things instead of just shitting on them when they do bad? 

The former is exactly what I'm doing for these Spring Breakers. They've read the literature. They've seen Concussion and they heard Will Smith when he said TELL THE TRUF. They know the danger of head to head collisions and what they can do to the brain. They also know you don't just have to throw what you love to do in the trash. You don't have to just cancel the game forever. You just gotta adapt. Put some safeguards in place, tinker with the rules a little bit. Everyone can have fun, just make it a little safer to do so.

So if they want to change Oklahoma Drills to sensual bikini make-outs, I for one am all in favor. Save the live tacking for the game field. Make love not CTE.