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Are People Okay With USMNT’s Celebration After Losing To Germany Okay?


So this is a huge topic of conversation right now. Whether the United States celebrated too much after losing to Germany but still moving onto the Round of 16. For me it kind made me puke my brains out. Listen I get that advancing to the Round of 16 is a big deal. I get nobody thought they could do it. I understand all that. But let’s not mince words here. They got dominated today. DOMINATED. So I just don’t know how Jurgen Klinnnsman could be doing the Macerana after the game. How soccer heads could be grabbing tits and going bananas. It just screamed that we’re satisfied with the way things went. That Klinnsman is satisfied with coming in 16th. Listen today was no time for celebration. I don’t enter tournaments to come in 16th. I don’t enter to come in 4th. I enter to win and that’s it. 2nd place is the first loser. There are no moral victories in professional sports. I mean could you ever picture a guy like Belichick dancing around at midfield clapping it up after a loss like that? Fuck no. There is a TON of work to be done. This vibe that we’re just happy to be here and advance is the wrong message. It’s not what this country is about. We’re American. We expect to win every tournament we enter in everything. Today’s performance isn’t even close to where I expect it to be and it needs to be. We’re Americans. Let’s start acting like it.