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Just Your Typical Mass Casualty EDM Event Last Night At the Garden

busamavaddd dadadfdfa – Boston EMS and other first responders have established a command center at the TD Boston garden after reports of a mass casualty event Wednesday night. Private ambulances were called in to help with the flow of patients, with a checkpoint established at the corner of Beverly and Causeway Street, according to public safety radio transmissions.

We’re still having EDM mass casualty events in 2014? Still sending in the bus ambulances? I mean come on guys. The Blackout Tour is a Pirate. Ever heard of it? Seriously getting transported at an Avichii show is so 2012. Kindergarden shit really. And how many times is this going to be a huge story anyway? We get it. An EDM show comes to town. Bunch of underage kids do too much molly and forget to drink water and get transported.  The media and the community feign mock outrage, Live Nation says no comment and then in a couple months it happens all over again because there is too much money it it for those at the top to dream of stopping.   Unless of course I throw the event then I end up in jail and banned from cities because I run a website people don’t like.  Anyway I digress.

Yes kids do drugs at EDM shows. Big whoop. Country Concerts are just as bad and every single frat house in the country is ten times worse. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s reality. Maybe the only thing I’d say is that moving forward if you’re under 18 you should need to be with a parent to attend. These things are getting younger and younger and that’s where the trouble is. Morons who can’t handle their drug of choice. It’s not EDM’s fault. It’s the kids showing up already out on their feet.

PS – One thing I do always wonder with these Mass Casualty events is what were these events called in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and shit? People were drinking and doing drugs then right? I think the difference was society just wasn’t so pussified and everybody wasn’t afraid of getting sued. So if somebody passed out you just left them there to sleep it off. You didn’t stuff them in an ambulance and rush them to the hospital. Like if no police or ambulances showed up last night there would have been no arrests and no transports and guess what. The sun still would have rose today. It’s just a different society where everybody is afraid of everything.