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Barstool TBT Game 4 Recap Vs. Big Apple.....500K Winner Take All Game Is Saturday Night Against ND

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Post Game Press Conference


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First of all we have the higest paid coach in the league by like 1,000%.   Well thank god for me being on the bench and not freezing up in crunch time telling our guys to just play vs. Big Apple because we’d probably be watching the title game from our couches if it weren’t for me.   Sometimes you just need a mogul to keep a cool head during crunch time.   “Just Play” – Pageviews





Buy Tickets To Title Game


In case you’ve been living in a cave the 500K title game is Saturday Night at Case Gym at BU.   Unfortuantly the league has decided not to let me and Big Cat sing the anthem because it would be too big of a home court advantage and ND would cry or something.  Kind of bullshit.  But if you still want to go tickets are on sale here.    And the game is going to be televised on ESPN 3.    After party when we win is looking like it will be at Venu.  Bottles on top of bottles.


Buy Tickets To Title Game