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What’s The Best Way To Make Tomorrow’s World Cup Action More Intense Than It Already Is? Draftstreet World Cup Fantasy That’s How


Dong Won Ji me 1 time!


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Welp it’s official. My vacation starts tomorrow with the US trouncing Germany, me winning 20K for first place in this contest, me drinking, then me going to Zac Brown on Friday, then me winning another 30K in the TBT on Saturday and then me going to Nantucket on Sunday with stacks on stack on stacks.   It ain’t Cuban but I’ll take it.

Contest Details:
-$100,000 World Cup Big Score
-$22 entry fee, 5,000 entries
-Top 750 places paid out
-$100,000 prize pool, $20,000 first place prize
-Thursday, June 26th
-The players pool will consist of the players from the Portugal vs Ghana, USA vs Germany, Korea vs Belgium, and Algeria vs Russia games


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