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A Mega-Famous Penthouse Just Went Up For Sale And It's Guaranteed To Drive The Ladies Wild

It's a slow Tuesday night in Houston but you've had some drinks & you're hitting it off with your date. Dang.. It's starting to get late. You make a split second decision & blurt it out..

"What do you say we go back to my place for nightcap....??" 

"I'm not sure," she giggles. She's a boss bitcc with work in the morning and a major presentation to prepare for... but she's still considering your offer. "Is it nearby?"

Indeed it is. 

"In fact," you smoothly croon, "it's only three blocks from here." 

She looks stunning in the soft lighting of Houston's high-end gem, Stack Burger. You try not to sound too eager but add another little nugget of spicy info. 

"Three blocks and, ah…. 26 floors up to be exact… I've… got the penthouse." 

You wiggle your brows deftly as you utter 'penthouse'. 

She seems to flinch & recoil at this but you know it was a spark of the electricity flowing betwixt you. 

"Ehh, I'm still note sure," she replies. "I usually don't go home with someone on the first date and it's a work night so…." 

You're starting to grow concerned that she may place her job above you, a man she only met four hours ago from Bumble but who has a defined jawline & unique hobbies like travel, golf, and watching your favorite sports teams on the television. You decide to drop the heavy artillery - the one fact in your arsenal that no man or woman could ever turn away from…

"What if I told you….," you whisper sexily, close to her ear, "that my penthouse… is the same one where John Travolta has a romantic encounter with "Pam" in the 1980 film Urban Cowboy". 

She gasps and pauses for a moment to absorb what she's just heard. 

"Thee 1980 film Urban Cowboy? The one that epitomizes the late 70s/early 80s soft-core country music scene on the outskirts of Houston?!" she says breathlessly. Now her martini is the only thing that's dry, but everything is about to get dirty. "Let's go."

That might seem like a dream scenario, but incredible news - this really could become your reality, and boyyyy is Houston excited about it!


In the morning you wake up at sunrise & hold your lover as you stare out the blindingly bright unshaded windows, down upon the normies navigating the smoggy Gulf Freeway. They are tangled up in traffic but you're ensnared in love, and it's all thanks to the penthouse where John Travolta once stared out the same window in Urban Cowboy. What a world. Only in Houston, folks.

Why did I write this blog? I have no idea. But I think I was just tickled at the idea that this seems to be HOT news in Houston & around the interwebs today. It tickled me that this sort of obscure 40-year-old movie is a big-deal selling point there. And also, maybe, juuust maybe I needed a blog more than a realtor needs to sell that property.

If you have $750K & want to check out the full listing with photos, click HERE