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Chinese Barbers Are Cutting Hair From Wayyyy Downtown In An Attempt To Avoid Coronavirus


Hairdressers in China are styling clients with tools attached to the end of long sticks to protect themselves amid the coronavirus outbreak.

He Bing, a 30-year-old hairstylist, captured footage of two coworkers providing so-called “long-distance haircuts” at the salon Sunday in the southern city of Luzhou in the Sichuan province, Newsflare reported.

Now I'm not much of a hair guy. I mean, I have it but it's certainly nothing to write home about. I go to some salon and use the same hairdresser every time. It's at the point where I don't need to say what I want, she just kind of knows and does her own thing. It's not like there's anything I can do to stop her, I'm terrible at confrontations.

But this...this is too much. If the hairdressers are so worried about getting the coronavirus, why even open the shop? Just to cut some hair? I don't know about you guys, but I'd much rather prefer losing a bit of money than get the fucking coronavirus. How many people are getting their haircut anyways? It can't be very many. I think if I was in China during this whole coronavirus ordeal, the last possible thing I'd worried about is getting my fucking sides touched up. 

In the clip, hairdressers wearing protective masks can be seen using three-foot-long poles attached to brushes, shavers and hairdryers.

The owner of the salon said they came up with the idea to help their customers feel more safe, according to the report.

Sure, you might be safe from the coronavirus, which I guess is the goal. But what about the injuries that come with getting your head shaved from fucking 3 point range. Not to mention the fact that these haircuts are probably very sub-par. I feel like people can barely get good haircuts when it's at a normal distance. No slight against these guys who are still grinding away despite a worldwide epidemic, but there's no possible way they're handing out quality cuts from that distance. No way in hell.

Too many variables go into such a delicate process. One swift move with that broomstick and these people could be walking around looking like complete knobheads. All because they absolutely needed a haircut. Honestly, I feel like if you're so scared of the coronavirus, you should just stay inside. Not worth the risk.