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This Bikini Clad Chick Is So Tired Of Your Facebook Updates About Mexico Beating The Spurs





Preach it, sister! Facebook isn’t for dumb shit like updates on an international soccer/basketball game, it’s for “I was about to go for a swim” videos with your hair done and make-up on. It’s for “I woke up like this” selfies as you leave the salon. It’s for pictures of your Starbucks cup that one time the minimum wage barista who learned English yesterday spells your name wrong on a Starbucks cup. It’s for sushi lunches, Map My Runs, “OMG I’m so embarrassed I’ve been listening to the Frozen soundtrack all day but here look at my Spotify” and “I took this Buzzfeed quiz and it says I should be living in Los Angeles… knew is!” It’s for IMPORTANT shit, not a soccer match between a basketball team and a country. Especially when it’s not even football season yet.