Newsflash- It's NEVER Okay Not To Wear Socks While Wearing A Full Suit



So Ryan O’Reilly won the Lady Bing last night at the NHL Awards. However his celebration quickly turned to despair when he strolled to the stage without wearing socks. Just a horrific look. I tried to tweet at him behind closed doors letting him know what an asshole he looked like, but then Madame Feitleberg came out of the woodwork saying no socks is acceptable in the summertime. Hey dummy no it’s not. I can’t have Feitleberg just tweeting out nonsense like this. That reflects poorly on me and you and every Stoolie on the face of this earth. Bottomline is when you wear a full suit you MUST wear socks. You can’t go bare foot. You look like an asshole. Maybe if you’re wearing a linen suit at a beach wedding I can understand, but a black suit in Vegas? It’s not even up for debate. Socks are a critical part of a suit. It’s not an option. You can’t go pocket square and no socks. That’s what psycho axe murderers do. You must wear socks with dark suits and dress shoes 1 bizillion percent of time. Stop being a child Feitlberg.  Somebody do me a favor and get this guy to Miltons