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You Kind Of Got To Respect The Fact That This Luis Suarez Dude Just Keeps Biting People

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So twitter, the internet and the world are basically going crazy right now because Luis Suarez bit a dude during a World Cup game today.  At first I was like everybody else.  What a scumbag. Who bites somebody?  But then I find out this is the THIRD TIME he’s bitten somebody during a game!   Well to quote Peter McNeeley if you don’t respect that you have a big dump in your pants.  I mean anybody can bite once.   That’s just losing your cool in the moment.  That’s what Tyson did.  That’s what babies do.  It’s a sign of weakness.  But when everybody knows biting is your thing and you’ve already been suspending for biting and you just keep on biting people well that’s something else all together.   I think it’s a power move?  Like I honestly think you’re better off biting 3 times than once.    I know it doesn’t make any sense but at the same time it totally does.  If you’re gonna be the bad guy own it.


PS – Pray for Luis Suarez’s teeth