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Of All The Insane Things Marty Mush Has Said, This Is By Far The Most Asinine Incorrect One I've Ever Seen

I want to preface this by saying I love Marty, he's one of the best dudes around. Love talking to him about hoops and bets and anything else that comes up. That said, this is the most asinine incorrect statement one could make. Have you peed every single day of your life? Of course you have! OF COURSE. It isn't even a debate. 

Let me tell you this as a recently new father - you piss every single day from birth. There's no gap. Babies piss all the time, so check out those early years. Then you are drinking juice and water and milk all the damn time as a young kid. Cross off those years. As you get older you start drinking soda and eventually alcohol. You know what alcohol does besides make you make some regrettable decisions? IT MAKES YOU PISS. 

Good news is we're getting a study done

There can't be one other person who believes this besides Marty, right? If so, you need to go see a doctor immediately. It's nearly impossible to even think this let alone do it. Fucking Marty, man. You just never know what he's going to say and quite frankly it's why I love him. But I just can't sit back and not talk about how insane this is.