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The Computer Animation Of A Guy Who Weighs Almost 1,000 Pounds Is Complete Insanity

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(Source)This image of an apparent X-ray of a 70-stone (980-pound) man has gone viral after trending heavily on Twitter. The picture is in fact a computer animation of Briton Keith Martin’s body. Martin was the subject of a programme on Channel 5 called 70 Stone & Almost Dead. The show tracked Martin’s efforts to lose weight and stand up for the first time in two years. At his biggest, Martin had a BMI of 155 and doctors apparently gave him just two years to live unless he lost weight.



Myyyyy goodness. I’ve been in airplane bathrooms with less extra space than this guy’s skeleton has in his body. Like I genuinely don’t understand the physics of this. It looks as if he has at least 2 people laying on his chest and stomach at all times. How does he not just suffocate and die under his own weight? How do his ribs not break? How is Keith Martin alive right now? It seems like his entire insides should just go the way of Oberynn’s head under The Mountain’s pressure. I guess keep fighting the good fight of being grotesquely fat yet somehow breathing. Rock on.



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