Bron Bron's Greatest Legacy Will Be That He Has No Identity



First things first. I’m not even sure why Bron Bron opting out of his contract is a story. Of course he opted out! This dude LOVES attention. He thrives on it. He needs people talking about him 24/7. He needs people fawning over him. He needs everybody telling him how great he is. He needs people sucking his dick 24/7. He’s sneaky the most insecure superstar of all time. He needs constant affection and positive reinforcement. That’s why he did the decision in the first place and that’s why he is opting out early again. He wants every team in the league to grovel at his feet and tell him how awesome he is. So of course he opted out early.

More importantly thought the fact that Bron Bron is just gonna bounce around from team to team for the rest of his career is why he’ll never be on the same level as Jordan, Bird, Magic or any other superstar who became synonymous with their city. Listen I’ve said this before but I don’t care how many titles you win or how great you are if you don’t have a hometown where people idolize you then you’re career was a waste to a degree. Lebron has no identity. No hometown fanbase. He’ll never have statues outside stadiums or streets named after him. He’ll probably go into the Hall of Fame wearing a jersey with his face on it. He’s a mercenary. It’s the difference between being great and being an icon. Like Larry Bird will live on forever in Boston. He’s part of the city. Part of our history. Part of the fabric of Boston.  Part of our culture.  He’s bigger than sports.  That’s what being a legend is really about. Not just titles, but impact on the city. Bron Bron has none of that. He flushed it down the toilet the second he spit in Cleveland’s face and he continues to flush it down the toilet by bouncing from team to team.   Lebron would have been more beloved and respected if he stayed in Cleveland and won 1 title rather than winning 5 or 6 in 3 different cities.

And yes I do think Bron Bron realizes how bad he fucked up his legacy which is why I’ve said from the beginning he’s going to go back to Cleveland to try and make amends. I just hope the people of Cleveland have an ounce of pride left and don’t accept him back.  I know if Bron Bron came to Boston I’d stop being a Celtics fan till he left. I’d rather root for Hitler than Bron Bron and he didn’t even spit in my face.  I just don’t know if Cleveland people have enough self respect to hold their ground.


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