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Amherst Lady Calls Cops On Neighbor After He Told Her To Shut Up Because Her World Cup Watching Was Interfering With His Nascar Watching




AMHERST Police Sunday evening responded to a noise complaint about a Ding Dong ice cream truck and a call from a woman after her neighbor complained that she was interfering with his NASCAR viewing because of her enthusiasm for the World Cup.Later that night police received a call from a woman who had received a call from her a neighbor scolding her for taking jobs away from Americans. He called her a name and said he wanted to watch the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing and listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd but her celebration for the World Cup was disturbing him, according to the police report.She is from South America and said she had been wearing various team jerseys during the competition in Brazil.


Ah the highs and lows of living in a trailer park.   The World Cup has to be a gigantic mindfuck for rednecks right? Such a conflict of interests. On the one hand nobody loves America more than they do. Just sitting back waving the stars n bars, drinking bud, listening to Skynyrd. Then this World Cup shit comes along. The entire country is behind it. Everybody pro America. But it’s still like a 3rd world sport. Immigrants love it. So what do you do? How do you balance you’re love of country with your hate of ethnic people? A real mind fuck for sure.

PS – I’m not sure I knew there was such a thing as Northern Rednecks?  Like clearly this dude loves the South and plays Dixie on repeat yet he lives in Amherst.   Strange.   I just thought Northern inbreds were Maniacs.  A different breed of inbred if you will.  They like snowmobiling and living in the woods not NASCAR.